Artist Emil Aziz presented a pictures of the colorful life

The festival was opened with «Colorful Life» exhibition by Azerbaijani artist Emil Aziz in the new exhibition hall on the first floor of the mall, which everyone can visit from 20-th to 27-th of March inclusive.

The grand opening was visited by famous artists, art critics, collectors and connoisseurs of art. Emil Aziz lives and works in Istanbul since 1995 and, despite living in foreign country, he managed to keep unique national spirit of Azerbaijan in his works. While creating an image of a modern woman, he managed to find the delicate harmony between fashion and beauty.

The Azerbaijani version of the title of the exhibition ( «Əl-Əlvan Həyat») is not emphasized by diversity of colours but by handmade works by Emil Aziz. We hope that the exhibition «Colorful Life» will be a wonderful present the holiday of Novruz!

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