«961,8°C» exhibition in Port Baku Mall!

On 12-th of November in the framework of the festival "Art-Payiz", in Port Baku Mall opens the exhibition by Parviz Huseynov and Irina Gundorina called "961,8 ° C"!

Parviz Huseynov and Irina Gundorina are the creators of conceptual dolls direction in our country.
They were awarded by the media with "Golden hands of Azerbaijan" award, as well as being holders of numerous diplomas, Irina and Parviz, have contributed to the development of conceptual dolls. Parviz is the author of "Fusion Doll" in International Biennale.

Working hours: November 11 - November 28, 10: 00 AM- 10: 00 PM.

Free entrance.

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