Exhibition "Qızlar bulaq başında"!

The pottery is an ancient type of art in Azerbaijan and to this day has been adopted as a part of human culture. It is interesting that previously woman was engaged to this profession. Samples of pottery "dough" is made from soil. 

The men of that time didn't engaged in such a manual labor as "knead dough". It's was not uncommon at that time for women to carry out such a hard work as making clay pots. 

So, in Port Baku Mall, within a framework of the events dedicated to the Novruz holiday, each floor of the shopping centre is decorated with ceramic pots. All these pots are painted by female artists. Summer, Fashion and Beaty are the main themes reflected on the pots will be interesting for all visitors.

Exhibition is open to the public from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM of Port Baku Mall.

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