“…etc.” – exhibition by Anar Yolchiev in Port Baku Mall!

Anar made a successful career as a consultant, marketing manager of a large company, and became co-founder of the first Azerbaijani search engine “Yumroo”. He made a rapid transformation from an ex corporate employee to a painter with a creative mindset. Anar Yolchiev became so inspired while collecting art exponents that he decided to become an artist himself. Besides the fact that his paintings are connected with a collective value, they also create calm and smooth atmosphere for anybody who looks at them.

You can get acquainted with Anar's beautiful works at exhibition starting on 4th till November 15th, from 10:00 to 22:00.

Entrance is free.

Information support are "Bele Bele ishler" and "Baku" magazine.

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