The Presentation of Famous Jewelry Designer

 On February 21-23, there will be an individual presentation by worldwide famous jewelry designer Fernando Jorge in Emporium located in Port Baku Mall. The creativity of this young Brazilian designer is reminiscent of both eastern and Hollywood feasts. It is not surprising that actress such as Oprah Winfrey, Adriana Lima, Emma Watson, Mila Kunis, Elizabeth Benks, Bri Larson, Saorsi Ronan choose this brand. You will not be able to find the exquisite elegance of the magnificent Brazilian nature and the inspiration of this country's flaming temperament in any other brand. Moreover, Fernando uses "pariba" tourmaline that is solely found in Brazil. and other eyebrows. Fernando Jorge jewelry brand is represented in shops located in cities like London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles.

Within only 21-23 of February, you can witness the beauty and elegance of the brand by visiting Emporium located in Port Baku Mall.

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