The Entertainer: Kids` Mysterious World!

The Entertainer located in Port Baku Mall is a favorite place of everyone who loves to entertain regardless of age. Children entering The Entertainer store feel like entering the world of miracles, and can come across all their favorite toys and heroes. With the 3Doodler Start Architecture Pen Set you can build the future and recreate your own historical monuments! Create your own miniature city and build iconic structures like the Louvre, Tower of Pisa, Golden Gate Bridge, Colosseum, Skyscrapers and Space Needles! Then illuminate them with the LED light-string included.

The Entertainer chain of shops was founded in 1981, when the first store called The Entertainer was opened in the English city of Amersham. Since then, the chain of stores "The Entertainer" has become the largest in the UK and currently has 150 stores. On average, one new store of the network opens each month. Children, crossing the threshold of the store, fall into the wonderful world of magic and will be surrounded by all the most beloved characters and heroes. Friendly staff will be happy to assist parents and children during a visit to the store.

Visit to "The Entertainer" in Port Baku Mall to make your entertainment more enjoyable!

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