Michael Kors Opens in Port Baku Mall!

Michael Kors - long-awaited brand in Port Baku Mall! 
Michael Kors, one of the most popular brands all over the world, is now featured in a separate boutique in Baku.
Everyone has been waiting for a long time for this brand at the Port Baku Mall. The first 100 customers will get exclusive models that are not on sale, so hurry up, if you do not want to miss the chance! 

The name of the brand has now become an integral part of our lives, and today it is difficult to imagine that Michael Kors presented its first collection in 1981 and opened its first store in New York in 2000. However, thanks to the strong talent of the designer, the brand was immediately recognized not only in US, but all over the world. Today,  Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Catherine Zeta-Cons, Sheron Stoun, Michelle Obama and other world-renowned figures are among the regular customers of Michael Kors. Many stars choose the brand's clothes during movie shooting. For many years, no award ceremony for  Oscars has been held without Michael Kors.
The secret of the popularity of the brand is its breaking the age limit, as it appeals to all all age groups. The collections and the design of this brand are simple but at the same time luxurious and attractive for women with the most different preferences. Kors has managed to conquer both continents by combining European charm and American style. "Every human being must deal with what his soul requires and at the same time make sure that his customers are satisfied. You should not be limited with fashion frames, because people have their own personal preferences and tricks, "says Kors. And every woman should add the clothes of this brand to her wardrobe.
The brand awaits you in Port Baku Mall with wide range of choices.

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