«Art BAHAR» Festival in Port Baku Mall

Successfully held in the gallery of Port Baku Mall «Art PAYIZ» festival is being continued as «Art BAHAR». The festival will be held under the informational support of the "Baku" magazine and «Buro 24/7» website, and its program promises to be even more intense:

Farhad Ali, «Dream» (March 4 - March 15)
Young music video director and photographer working in the fashion genre that prefers minimalism. Especially for the exhibition Farhad had a photo session in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The heroes of his project look as if frozen in a state of half-sleep, and each picture is riddled with cold air and lightness. Farhad Ali’s exhibition opens the festival with an ulterior motive: The awakening of spring in the mountain snows.
The exhibition and the entire festival will begin with a presentation of the new songs of Honoured Artist of Azerbaijan Sevda Alekperzade, and the video for the song created by Farhad.

Dzhasar Mamedov, «Paradigm» (March 18 - March 29)
The son of honoured artist of Azerbaijan, member of the Union of Artists of Sakit Mamedov, Dzhasar was a member of various art projects around the world many times. The current exhibition, to some extent will report to himself; These are the thoughts that were not expressed aloud, and, accordingly, that no one heard before. Like for any artist, it’s easier for Dzhasar to share his experience with the language of colors, which lay on the canvas of his own life, and the main motive for participation in «Art BAHAR» was the desire to attach the audience to his world as much as possible.

Ulviya Nasib, «Limitless» (April 2 - April 12)
The first "female" exhibition in the framework of the festival «Art BAHAR» will take place thanks to the young artist Ulviya Nasib. The daughter of an architect - fond of painting, Ulviya grew up in a creative atmosphere. The author believes that the ability to write has passed to her from her father, who supported her desire. Nevertheless, the range of her interests is very wide. Having to work as a teacher of music, Ulviya still opted for painting. "The main thing for a human is to find his true vocation, and to understand what he likes to do in life" - says Ulviya. Large strokes and other technical features give the emphasis to her artist style.

Tatiana Agababaeva and Sevda Agasieva, «We Love Batik» (15 April - 30 April)
Joint exhibition of two artists who have decided to confess their love to batik. Tatiana and Sevda are sure that in the birth of batik there is a miracle, as magical as producing natural silk. "We put together the silk and batik, ie painting with hot wax, and loved it for tis originality, brightness, strength and lightness." Tatiana Agababaeva, in addition to the creation of her own works, is the curator of exhibitions on batik and Sevda Agasieva, being the pianist by specialty, adds musical rhythm in their art-pieces.

Enver Askerov, «Rhapsody» (2 May - 18 May)
Enver Askerov (1940 - 2014) - Honoured Artist of Azerbaijan, member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan since 1970, the winner of Sultan Muhammad Prize, participated in numerous exhibitions in Azerbaijan and abroad. Enver Askerov’s pictures are stored in the museums of Azerbaijan, Russia, private collections in Azerbaijan, Russia, Great Britain, Turkey, Switzerland, USA. «Rhapsody» - the exhibition presents a collection of paintings belonging to the style of conceptual art, modernism. At the turn of XX - XXI centuries Enver Askerov, being in search of new images and the means of expression, devoted himself to this new direction.

Emil Aziz, «Blooming» (May 20 - 31 May)
The son of the famous Azerbaijani artist Rafig Aziz, a member of the International Association of Fine Arts at UNESCO, the popular painter Emil Aziz lives and works in Istanbul since 1995. But despite living in another country, he managed to keep in his works unique national colour of Azerbaijan. For the festival «Art BAHAR» Emil has created a new collection of works. Flowering, Renaissance nature moments, captured in canvas colourful strokes - all this was the main idea of the exhibition «Blooming».

Each exhibition is open to the public from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on the first floor of Port Baku Mall.

For more information, please contact the administration of Port Baku Mall.

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