"Window to the past" - the first exhibition by Kamal Bagirli in Port Baku Mall!

«Art PAYIZ» festival, located in the exhibition hall on the first floor of Port Baku Mall is giving a start to work again. This time the first exhibition is Kamal Bagirli's exposition named "Window to the past".

The idea of fhoto series "Window to the past" was born in 2012 in Baku. Each photo represents the old picture finding it's adaptation in modern one. The project attracted attention of world's prestigious media. Till today "Window to the past" included photos of Baku, Madrid, Barcelona, Salamanca, Paris, Nitsa, Lisbon, Milan, Bergamo, Naples, Amalfi and Moscow. Totally there are more than 50 photos in project.

You can get acquainted with Kamal Bagirli's beautiful works from 10:00 to 22:00 on September 9-24.
Entrance is free.

Information support are "Belə-belə işlər" and "Baku" magazine.

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