Novruz Mood in Port Baku Mall

There is already real spring atmosphere in Port Baku Mall as Novruz fest gets closer.
Being decorated with spring flowers, each floor will fascinate you with its freshness, while magical lamps will take you to the The World of Fairy Tales. 
Alongside with a chance to feel the fest mood, the visitors can get a acquainted with Novruz Bazaar that is held in Port Baku Mall. The Bazaar is organized with participation of brands of which each represents some part of Azerbaijani culture. By getting beautiful and elegant furrows and scarfs from “Menzer Hajiyeva” will make you to celebrate the fest in national mood. You can get delicious and natural honey from “Ballı” to ensure that you stay healthy during the fest and especially in such a month with its unstable weather. With delicious national cookies, candies and dried fruits by Xurcun, you will enrich your fest table. Preserved fruits and jams by Bagdan will make your fest table more colorful. It is time to renew our house with refreshing of the nature. By getting home stuff from Nok Nok Home, renew your house to celebrate the national fest and beautiful spring. 

Souvenirs by Old Baku Souvenir can make your interior more colorful or those can be good gift ideas for your guests. The Bazaar is going to continue till 31st of March. Enjoy your spring shopping!

Latest news

We are pleased to announce that from June 10, 2021, the Port Baku Mall will resume operations in accordance with previous business hours!
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Come to the Port Baku Mall on December 30-31 and 1-2 January and have a really happy time for your kids and you.